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Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Conxeptworx offers a wide range of Medical Supplies

Conxeptworx Medical Supplies

Conxeptworx offers a wide range of medical supplies, sourced from carefully selected suppliers who understand the need for quality and high-performance products:

  • Medical Supplies
    • MMC Kits (Produced and Sterilized on-site in certified clean room)
    • MMC Hygiene Kits (Produced and Sterilized on-site in certified clean room)
    • HIV Home Testing Kits
    • TB Home Testing Kits
    • Customised Condoms
  • Medical Training Aids
  • Medical Consumables
  • Medical Cleaning Consumables
    • Medical Gloves
  • And so much more...

Specification Sheets

Medical Male Circumcision Kit

  • 1x ETO (sterilisation) indicator & pouch
  • 1x multipurpose container tray
  • 30x gauze swabs (100 x 100 x 8ply)
  • 1x Paraffin gauze (100 x 100)
  • 1x 10mlLuerr-slip syringe
  • 1x Hypodermic needle (21G x 40mm)
  • 1x Hypodermic needle (23G x 25mm)
  • 2x Braided/absorbable sutures (3/0)
  • 1x Powder-free surgical gloves (7.5)
  • 1x Powder-free surgical gloves (8.0)
  • 1x Needle holder
  • 1x Metzenbaum scissor
  • 2x Disposable aprons
  • 2x Alcohol Swabs
  • 1x Surgical paper tape (12.5mm)
  • 1x Pair powder-free nitrile exam glove (large)
  • 1x Rochester pean forceps
  • 1x Adson forceps
  • 1x Mosquito forceps, curved
  • 1x Mosquito forceps, straight
  • 1x Safety scalpel no.23
  • 1x Sterisheet, 600 x 600
  • 1x O-drape

Medical Male Circumcision Hygiene Kits

  • 1x Bucket
  • 1x Underpants
  • 1x Cloth
  • 1x Teaspoon
  • 1x Salt
  • 1x Sanitizer
  • 1x Soap
  • Usage Instructions

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